Monday, July 3, 2023

[laravel] [sail] [breeze] [bootcamp] chirper project setup

For Windows user:

The following command is linux-based which may not be properly executed under windows environment. It is recommended that Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is installed and used for this exercise. Refer

[1] Get chirper docker project

Launch a terminal and run the following command:

[2] start project

After the project has been created, you can navigate to the application directory and start Laravel Sail:

When developing applications using Sail, you may execute Artisan, NPM, and Composer commands via the Sail CLI instead of invoking them directly:

[3] Installing Laravel Breeze

Open a new terminal in your chirper project directory and install your chosen stack with the given commands:

Breeze will install and configure your front-end dependencies for you, so we just need to start the Vite development server to automatically recompile our CSS and refresh the browser when we make changes to our Blade templates:

In case vite is injecting wrong url eg using ip address , add the server hrm entries in the vite.config.js file as follows:


Laravel Bootcamp:

Sail Service:

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