Friday, July 28, 2023

[java] [maven] [dropwizard] helloworld dropwizard-0-9-2 from scratch

This exercise attempt to recreate the dropwizard helloworld app using PowerShell console, notepad, Java and Maven.

Note: the following notes is based on windows powershell environment

[1] make new project directory

[2] change directory to the project directory

[3] create pom file

[4] create source code directory

[5] change directory to source code directory

[6] create package directory

[7] change directory to package directory

[8] create java file (

[9] create java file (

[10] create java file in sub folder (resources/

[11] create java file in another sub folder (api/

create yml file at project root (hello-world.yml)

compile package

run jar file

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