Wednesday, June 21, 2023

[aspnet] [4.x] ASP.NET (Razor) Web Pages - Creating WebPagesMovies site [tutorial] [visualstudio] [2017]

1. Create ASP.NET (Razor) Web Site

1.1. Select menu File/New/Project...

1.2. Select Razor v3 ASP.NET Web Site (C#)

Save project as WebPagesMovies 

1.3. Project creation is done.

Visual Studio 2017 created startup folders and files.

1.3. Open Web.config

The webconfig file contains a connection string to an sdf file

Download the sdf file:

Put the file into the App_Data folder.

(The App_Data folder might have contained a database file StarterSite.pdf. As for now, ignore it.)

2. Add an ASP.NET (Razor) Web Page

In the Project Explorer, right-click the Project Name item, select Add/Add_New_Item ...

Create an empty Razor C# file with the name Movies.cshtml

Put the following codes:

Run the project

click the Web Launch button

Wait for the web browser to open the page.


To switch the connection to an sql server,edit as follows:

(The sql connection string above connects to the server hosted by

Replace the connection name in the script file Movies.cshtml i.e replace the string "WebPagesMovies" with "SQLServerConnectionString" as shown below:

The followings are the sql scripts to create and populate Movies table:


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